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No-coding, Add-ons for Pivotal CRM 6.0

Productivity Pack version 4.0 is another leap forward in Pivotal CRM innovation and value. Spend a few minutes watching this video and we're sure you'll understand why more than 60 of Pivotal's biggest customers are raving about the value they are getting from productivity packing their Pivotal systems. 

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Increased Productivity

The Productivity Pack for Pivotal CRM unleashes the hidden power of Pivotal CRM with user friendly features that will make you a hero in your organization. The Productivity Pack enables users to create, manage and navigate data faster, saving your company time and money, with demonstrable ROI.


Installs in Minutes

The Productivity Pack installs in less than an hour, without the need for consulting. However, if you do require some help, it's all free with our dedicated technical support staff, as well as the free QuickStart configuration service.


No Coding Required

The Productivity Pack sits on top of even the most customized Pivotal CRM 6.0 systems. Its elegant design is such that none of your Forms, Tables, Security or Code are modified. All features are configured by Administrators in an easy to use interface from within the Pivotal SmartClient. It is Pivotal's enabling technology that lets us read your unique business module of Tables, Relationships, Forms, Queries and Security to unlock the hidden power of Pivotal.