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Power Toolkit for Pivotal CRM

CRMCulture's Power Toolkit for Pivotal CRM is a revolutionary boost in productivity for the Toolkit Customizer. With hundreds of Pivotal 6.0 implementations under our belts we just couldn't sit by and wait for the much needed enhancements to the Pivotal Toolkit, so we built our own! The tools we've built provide speed, consistency and accuracy to our own developers and now we are releasing these tools to the public. Watch the short video below or download the white paper to see why we can easily save hundreds of hours on new implementations, upgrade projects and even add value if you've already gone live with Pivotal 6.0.  Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Create consistent forms and SRLs with ease and speed
  • Set a default security group so that everything you create in that session gets assigned security
  • The drag-drop Visual SRL Editor is a huge relief for any toolkit customizer that is bogged down with the mundane task of setting SRL widths, ordinals and adding large number of fields to SRLs. 
  • Language String management is tremendously improved
  • Security Group management - identify redunant security, view and modify security right from any entity
  • Index Tools - easily identify missing indexes and generate them in batch mode


It's not so much the awesome time savings that Power Toolkit offers in the creation and management of toolkit entities but as all toolkit customizers know, it's the savings from inevitable PBS restarts during the trial and error phase when you forget to set security or your SRL's fields aren't in the right order.