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CRMCulture Productivity Pack for Pivotal CRM Maintenance Policy

Software Maintenance includes technical support, as well as software updates and major upgrades during your Maintenance period. Software Maintenance is a great value that will keep you up-to-date with CRMCulture’s latest software releases. Maintenance is optional and may be purchased on an annual basis in order to continue to automatically receive updates to the software.


Maintenance Renewal and Expiration

Renewal Notice

CRMCulture will provide purchase contact with a quote to renew services when Maintenance services are scheduled to expire.

Maintenance Expiration

If CRMCulture has not received an order or payment prior to the termination date, purchase contact will receive a notification stating that the Maintenance term has expired. License will continue working as currently installed and will no longer be supported by CRMCulture. Licensee will no longer be eligible to receive any upgrades or updates that are released after the Licensee Maintenance term has expired. The ability to transfer or re-host the license will require prior approval from CRMCulture and Licensee will no longer have access to CRMCulture Technical Support Services.


Reinstatement of Lapsed Maintenance

An expired license may be reinstated within four years of the expiration date. Maintenance reinstatement fees equal to the amount of back maintenance from the date Maintenance lapsed in addition to the current fees will be required to be paid to reinstate Maintenance in addition to any consulting time and effort needed to bring system current.


Technical Support

Accessing Technical Support Services

License Administrators and License Users within the United States and Canada may contact Support Services between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time), Monday through Friday, except for CRMCulture holidays.

Email/Telephone Support and Incident Reporting/Logging

If a technical issue arises, Licensee can submit a Support Incident with CRMCulture through email or over the phone.  Phone:(720) 536-8875 Please note that not all issues can be answered immediately and on the phone. Information will be collected on the phone so that a support representative can get back to the customer.